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Facebook Integrated Apps

Facebook has been an incredible part of life for more than ten years. It started as a social media tool to connect our friends and grow our network, now it has scaled to a newer level. Apart from a web and mobile application, now facebook is a platform that provide set of services, tools and products to users. Facebook platform provides a developer tool for app developers to create facebook integrated apps, which can access facebook data. The app might be either a commercial app or a gaming app. As facebook is a prime tool for promotion and brand awareness, it has been supporting and leveraging companies to create newer opportunities like never before.

Our Approach

We at Social Brains, fundamentally understand your firm and analyse your requirement and develop applications which have high compatibility with Facebook. We make customisable applications which are extremely user-friendly. We create very responsive gaming apps, Quiz and poll apps, Blog and RSS feed apps. We also create the best social media integration apps and E-commerce apps where those apps will bring value to your Business.

Information architecture

We perform the art of organising and segmenting the shard data

Designing process

We highly concentrate on a website’s aesthetic part , to make it visually appealing

Development process

We promote step by step constructing phase which holds markup and coding.


We undergo absolute testing of web-based solutions before bringing live.

Facebook Integrated App Services in Chennai

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Facebook Pixel




Facebook API

Why Us

Social Brains have been instrumental in creating brand power for companies which were missing the spot-light, even though they were giving good products and great services.

We understand and analyse the trend of the Facebook users and create applications which are not only popular, but also creates a community across the globe on its own.Developing a Facebook application not only involves technology, but phycology to understand the pulse of people and connect appropriately. We create applications which will not be just limited to one sector, but global reach. The secret ingredient of every successful business is high performing digital marketing and Facebook applications have enormous part to play. Fuel your brand to be among the most preferred, to create a community and target you audience to scale newer heights.

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